Allyce Wood lives and works in Seattle, WA. Through the use of digital and handmade processes, Wood makes installations, works on paper, and textiles with a focus on digital Jacquard tapestries. To her, the loom acts as a mediator between traditional and computerized technologies, offering a unique way to combine her online and offline experiences into images in cotton and wool.

Wood is a collector of technologies and threads. In studio, she creates textiles on her mid-century Bergman floor loom, a passed-down marudai, a knitting machine from the 1960s restored from an online score. Every process tells a story of a different code system. Punchcards and graph paper are as vital as the bleeding watercolors she paints with. This passion for systems, for breakable rules, stems from a lifelong curiosity of reason and rule-bending.

From 2015 - 2019, Wood lived in Oslo, Norway. Here she had the opportunity to learn digital jacquard tapestry, a mechanized process based on pixel binary. Through this medium, she was able to merge her digital and physical life together into soft, familiar material. This experience led to factory-scale projects, working with fabricators and industrial machines, as well as hand-driven weaving projects in Iceland and Scandinavia.

Wood considers public engagement a vital part of her practice and is always seeking ways to share and connect. This drives her to pursue exhibitions, public projects, and publications in which others may enter.


Along with being a dedicated studio artist, Allyce Wood teaches and lectures on a variety of subjects such as contemporary art histories and their relationships to past traditions, Scandinavian textile arts, and practical aspects of working artist life are all subjects she researches and is glad to speak on. She works with institutions such as Coyote Central and the Nordic Museum to bring skill-based classes and workshops to her community. Follow her on social media to find out about upcoming events.



A selection of tapestries, works on paper, and other artworks are available for purchase. To see the full catalog, please follow this link. Inquires about acquisition may be made directly to the artist at allycewood(at)