Twilight Variations

Twilight Variations

Dusk Curtain
machine knit acrylic panels and cotton i-cord, approximately 30 x 45", 2021

'Land and Sea', Allyce Wood

Twilight Variations

installation view, first three windows as seen from the corner of SW 151st Street and 4th Avenue SW, Burien

Rivulets, Sun Rays Series
machine knit acrylic fiber, polyester thread, approximately 14 x 18" each, 2021

installation of hand-woven kumi himo plaits, mixed media, dimensions variable, 2021

For this exhibition, Twilight Variations, visual artist Allyce Wood focuses on distinct processes and imagery surrounding ideas of shifting time and new chapters. Her detailed textiles were made using punchcard patterns on the 1960's knitting machine she restored, braided ropes on her great aunt's Marudai (Japanese weaving loom), fair-isle knit hangings, and hand-tied tapestries.

Each piece, while made from unique technologies, depends on binary code for its production and motif. Wood uses this system to create atmospheric images and symbolic patterns including medieval beasts and trailing mists. Her work aims to tell a story of change and optimism; a sunset's reflection on a computer's aluminum case.

Twilight Variations was exhibited through the City of Burien from May - August 2021

Raindrop & Swift Mist Series

handknit acrylic panel, 20 x 18", 2021

mixed media handknit and woven textiles, dimensions variable, 2020-2021

'Land and Sea', Allyce Wood

Twilight Variations
Installation view or two windows on 4th Ave SW. Daylights (kumi himo plaits) and Beasties I & Beasties II (machine knit) are in the window to the left. Known Touch (digital jacquard tapestry) and Blue Drape (machine knit) are in the right window.

Beasties I and Beasties II
machine knit acrylic fiber, 23 x 19" and 22 x 16.5" respectively, 2021